Kalol institute and Research Center (KIRC) is a conglomeration of diverse institute and colleges imparting education from years to career defining professional degrees. It is one of the renowned and oldest educational campuses established by ‘Umiya Mata Kadva Patidar Education and Samaj Seva Trust’ in 2006, located in Kalol and situated in Gandhinagar district. This serene educational campus was established with an objective to promote and provide professional education in North Gujarat region, particularly in and around Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar area.

Kalol Institute of Technology (KIT) was the flagship institute established in 2006 at KIRC campus. Thereafter, Kalol Institute of Management (KIM) and Kalol Institute of Pharmacy (KIP) were established in the year 2007. Kalol Institute of Architecture and Design (KIAD) and Ananya Institute of Science were launched in the year 2014. Later on, Ananya College of Physiotherapy and Ananya Institute of College and Law were started in 2015. Ananya School of Nursing began in 2016. Additionally, Ananya Vidyalaya which caters to primary and secondary education is also part of the campus. Furthermore, Ananya College of Ayurveda and Ananya College of Homeopathy have also commenced in 2017.

KIRC Campus is an integration of various academic institute and colleges with experts in various disciplines, dynamic curriculum and research facilities. Also, the approach to education is based on industry academia interaction which gives an excellent opportunity to launch a student’s career and enhance professional skills. Our approach to educationis based on the following principles:
1. Holistic Education
2. Education for a Sustainable future
3. Diversity & Equity in Education
4. Collaborative & Interdisciplinary Learning
5. Fostering Leadership
6. Develop Creative Thinking

At KIRC, we believe that education with a holistic perspective is important for the development of one’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials. Hence, we seek to engage students in the learning process and encourage personal and collective responsibility with an approach of ‘Holistic Education’ which aims at helping students towards self-actualization.

Our approach based on‘Holistic Education’ is focused on preparing students to meet any challenges they may face in life and in their academic career. It teaches students about their immediate relationships as well as social development, health, and intellectual development. They also develop resilience to face difficulties in life and overcome them. This approach inspiresstudents to understand fundamentals of living and meaning of life.By uniting primary, secondary and professional education programs on one campus, each student gets an opportunity towards an integrated and holistic learning experience and exposure to diverse paths towards building of a professional career.

‘Educating for a Sustainable future’ is our main goal at KIRC. With growing environmental, social and economic challenges such as environmental degradation, poverty, inequality, climate change and global crises, we feel it is important for our students to be able to engage with and understand how these challenges will impact their personal and professional lives along with building their inherent capacity to make more informed decisions and choices.

‘Education for a Sustainable Future’ is based upon a vision of education that reorients the aims and content of education and teaching and learning approaches that contribute to a sustainable future. This would equip students with the skills they need to actively contribute to economic, social and environmental sustainability in all facets of life. We lay emphasis on active participatory learning, creation of shared experiences and the development of a collective vision of sustainability, which ultimately will help reshape our society and nation.

Our society is evolving each day and with greater diversity. We believe that education also should evolve and encompass such diversity along with accessibility to those who are willing to learn. At KIRC, we overcome the barriers which are based on gender, social or economic status and open our campus to all who seek knowledge and education.

KIRC strives for Diversity and Equity in education so that each individual has equal chance to pursue their educational goals. Our interdisciplinary approach to diversity and equity will provide platform of education that propagates different models and paradigms from various learning disciplines. This platform develops students with abilities to connect and integrate knowledge helping them to apply it in current and future real world scenarios.We are able to bring societal transformation by encouraging the diversity within our campus and equipping staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to work with a diverse community.

KIRC promotes a culture of collaborative learning through continual process of interactions, exchange, and collectiveinnovation.Our campus inspires innovative and inclusive learning pathways with an interdisciplinary approach towards seeking and generating knowledge, and in the process create sound professionals who can innovate by combining knowledge acrossdisciplines.

We think that collaborative and interdisciplinary learning is vital which would create something new by connecting and interacting programs across various disciplines. It wouldinvolve researchers, students, and teachers in the goals of connecting and integrating several academic schools of thought, professions, or technologies—along with their specific perspectives—in the pursuit of a common task. Various programs at the institute and colleges are based on interdisciplinary focus that unites disciplinary interests to create a rich and synergistic educational experience.This unique and pedagogic approach based on collaborative and interdisciplinary learning with shared resources enriches the academic experience at KIRC.

Education is one of the sources for potential change given its significant role in developing leadership capacity among today’s youth. At KIRC Institutes and Colleges, we recognize this and encourage developing and building leadership capacity in our students by offering training throughout the academic year. Our goal is to create, facilitate and foster leadership learning opportunities and experiences for all students. We help students develop the integrity and strength of character that prepare them for leadership whichis also one of the most challenging and important goals of imparting education.

Our approach would develop students with a sense of responsibility, build confidence, communication andproblem-solving skills, and ability to manage and inspire.The environment at KIRC prepares its students with both, academic and professionals skills. This learning experience would also instill the virtues and values that are required to lead and in some way contribute to the society.

Creating thinking is a way to develop unique or unconventional solutions that do not depend on expected solutions. It’s a way of employing strategies to generate new thoughts and ideas that transcends limitations of a problem. Creative thinking is a way of moving beyond barriers, using one’s imagination to create interesting opportunities.

At KIRC, we harness and develop the creative potential that each individual possesses. We believe that creative thinking is an invaluable skill for students because it helps to look at problems and situations from a fresh perspective. This education paradigm at KIRC provokes every individual to take a step into the unknown, develop an inquiry of their own and create newer possibilities which could augment their career goals.

Founders of KIRC campus are well known educationalist, professionals, philanthropist as well as public figure. They have contributed with notable achievement in educational, professional and social areas since past 30 years. All the institutes and colleges are managed by Umiya Mata Kadva Patidar Education and Samaj Seva Trust, which is a registered Charitable Trust established in 2006. The Trust is acclaimed for its achievements in educational and social fields.

Dr. Atul K. Patel, Managing Director KIRC, MBBS, MS (General Surgeon)
We are pleased to welcome you all to the fostering educational space of the KIRC campus. Here one would find insight of KIRC’s family consisting of institutions imparting education from primary education to post graduate professional degree programs. We strongly believe in the concept of an integrated campus with this idea of holistic learning approach from primary to secondary education. We believe this would play a significant role in framing the mindset of upcoming generation.

Our well developed campus, infrastructure facility, motivated faculty members and supporting staff members assure a very productive and creative learning experience at KIRC. We are confident that the combination of experienced management, faculty and staff would provide most excellent educational experience and make significant contribution towards nurturing confident young professionals. We are striving to make KIRC as one of the best education campus with our dedication, sincere efforts and hard work.

Our vision is to transform India as a nation with a developed society by imparting quality education, professional knowledge and research sense to its younger generation. At KIRC, we determinedly believe that only education empowers the society to grow by overcoming poverty, illiteracy and lack of esteem. We also believe that, barring all barriers, education should be accessible to every stream of society and to all its individuals. KIRC is keen in sustaining this vision.

Our primary mission is to elevate the larger sections of the society in general, which includes the urban, semi-urban and semi-rural communities. The goal is to create well equipped professional and technical leaders who carry out this visionary transformation within a society.

While keeping our focus on broader vision, we aim to achieve excellence in professional and technical education through dedication, continuous research and innovations in order to keep pace with the needs of the changing world.

KIRC Management comprises of well known and diverse educationalist and professionals, along with most experienced leadership in industry, academicians and subject experts who have come together to chart, strategize and implement a roadmap that fulfils the realization of our educational goals. KIRC Management comprises of the following members :

  • Dr. Atul K. Patel, Managing Director KIRC, MBBS, MS (General Surgeon)
  • Dr. A.K. Patel, Director (Ex.Health Minister, Central Govt., New Delhi)
  • Prof. P.K. Patel, Chairman, M.S.(Mechanical Engineering, University Of Colorado, USA), B.E.(Mechanical Engineering)
  • Mr. Parin A. Patel, Director at KIRC, Software Engineer
  • Mrs. Darshini P. Patel, Director at KIRC, MBA, specialization in HRM
  • Mr. Mitabh Patel, Director at KIRC, B.Tech, M.S.(Computer)
  • Prof. Chetan Vora, Executive Chairman at KIRC, B.E, M.E . (Mechanical), PhD (pursuing)
  • Dr. Nitin Shah, Chief Executive Officer at KIRC, MBBS, MS (General Surgeon)
  • Dr. Nagraj L. Hiregoudar, Director/Principal at Kalol Institute of Technology, B.E. (Mech), M.E., Ph.D. FIE.
  • Ar. & Prof. Jaydeep Bhagat, Director/Principal at Kalol Institute of Architecture and Design, M. Arch (USA), Dip. Arch (School of Architecture, CEPT)

KIRC Academic Council has been formulated to achieve our goals based on academic excellence, collaborative learning and to ensure quality learning. Academic Council constitutes of our experienced management, directors and principals from diverse disciplines of various institutes and colleges at KIRC. The Academic Council is primarily concerned with all the academic activities including academic requirements, rules and regulations, examinations, teaching methods, student performance and co-curricular activities, along with admissions, academic events, workshops and lectures etc. The Academic Council is involved in planning and executing the overall academic growth of the college while ensuring that the best practices are implemented and standards are maintained. It also encourages research, collaborative and interdisciplinary activities. KIRC Academic Council comprises of the following members :

  • Dr. Atul K. Patel, Chairman of Academic Council, Managing Director, KIRC
  • Dr. Nitin Shah, Chief Executive Officer, KIRC
  • Mr. Chetan Vora , Executive Chairman, KIRC
  • Dr. Nagraj L. Hiregoudar, Director/Principal at Kalol Institute of Technology
  • Ar. & Prof. Jaydeep Bhagat, Director/Principal at Kalol Institute of Architecture and Design
  • Dr. Dharmesh K. Golwala, Principal at Kalol Institute of Pharmacy
  • Prof. Tejas Modi, I/C Principal at Kalol Institute of Management
  • Dr. Prashu Jain I/C Principal, Ananya College of Physiotherapy
  • Dr. Hiral Shah, Principal at Ananya Institute of Science
  • Prof. Dina Raj, Principal at Ananya School of Nursing
  • Dr. Arvind R Trivedi, Principal at Ananya Collegeof Ayurveda
  • Dr. Narendra Raval , Principal at Ananya College of Homeopathy

We believe that excellence in education is ensured through innovative teaching methods, inter-disciplinary interaction and collaboration, counseling and mentoring projects and research works, virtual lectures and laboratory orientation, NPTEL and guest lectures. Additionally, we have taken several initiatives through which we facilitate this holistic learning experience at KIRC.

In an attempt to engage with the challenges of climate change and environmental sustainability through innovative academic approach, KIRC has developed a central ‘Green Campus’ which facilitates interaction and collaboration among students and faculties of various institutes. This Central Green Space offers an invigorating academic environment at KIRC.

KIRC has also initiated an environmentally responsible approach by introducing ‘Rent-a-Bike Program’. This enables ease of travel and movement for our entire community of KIRC including staff, faculties and students. We aim to become a bicycle friendly campus where students could also rent it to reach their housing and hostel areas within campus and also enjoy the amenities outside campus. We encourage our community to experience the joy of biking at the KIRC campus.

KIRC is committed to provide and create an educational environment that equally supports , nurtures and empower all its students regardless of their gender. In order to accomplish the above goal of having a gender inclusive educational and work environment, KIRC has initiated a group called the ‘Gender Parity’ Committee. Under this initiative, all members of KIRC community including teaching and non-teaching staff, management and students would be required to adhere to the policies and guidelines which satisfy the statutory requirements under the directions of Hon. Supreme Court, MHRD, UGC and Human Right Commission.

The initiative undertaken by ‘Gender Parity’ committee includes:

  • Healthcare facility on the Campus
  • Providing child care facility on campus
  • Policies and guidelines on sexual harassment.

The Members of the ‘Gender Parity’ Committee are:

  • Ms. Darshini P. Patel, Director KIRC (Chairperson)
  • Dr. Prashu Jain , I/C Principal of Ananya college of Physiotherapy
  • Prof. Dina Raj, I/C Principal of Ananya college of Nursing
  • Ms. Chaita Jani, Asst. Prof., Kalol Institute of Technology
  • Ms. Pragna Vagdoda, Asst. Prof., Kalol Institute of Architecture and Design
  • Ms. Kruti Desai, Asst. Prof., Kalol Institute of Architecture and Design

KIRC has initiated a student counseling committee to provide assistance to students having personal, emotional, social and academic problems. This counseling service is available to all students of the college throughout the year. Students who require counseling are requested to approach the committee or individual member. The committee members are :

  • Mrs. Darshini Patel, Director KIRC (Chairperson)
  • Dr. Nitin Shah, CEO ,KIRC
  • Dr. Nagraj Hiregoudar, Principal of Kalol Institute of Technology
  • Prof. Jaydeep Bhagat, Director/Principal of Kalol Institute of Architecture & Design
  • Dr. Prashu Jain , I/C Principal of Ananya college of Physiotherapy
  • Prof. Dina Raj, I/C Principal of Ananya college of Nursing
  • Mrs. Chaita Jani, Assist. Prof., Kalol Institute of Technology
  • Ms. Swati Mange, Assist. Prof., Institute of Architecture & Design

The committee would interact with students to address their concern with regard to academic, personal and social issues in order help them to improve their academic performance. The counseling committee is a group of diverse and experienced faculty members who could address wide range of issues. Counseling by the committee would be done confidentially while respecting each student’s values and issues with regard to family, background etc. The counselor would work together with the student towards making choices or changes that are right for them. This initiative is undertaken by KIRC to support the students to do quality work and encourage creative problem-solving, while focusing on self-learning, self-improvements and communication and help them to achieve their academic goals.

‘KIRC Youth Capital’ is a student association, established with the aim of harnessing the student vigor by identifying the individual creativity, hidden potentials and talent. ‘KIRC Youth Capital’ was founded with an objective of providing every student with an atmosphere a holistic education to grow to his or her potential and experience the essence of true education. At ‘KIRC Youth Capital’, students are encouraged to ‘think’ and ‘act’. Involvement of the students in the organization of activities and events at both the institutional and campus levels translates into managerial and leadership roles. This would offer the students an opportunity to expand their learning and thinking skills that will benefit them in their future careers. ‘KIRC Youth Capital’ will also instill the culture of team-work and a healthy spirit of competition to excel in whatever work one undertakes. ‘KIRC Youth Capital’ provides a strong foundation for the students to develop personal qualities, culture, and value system that would be beneficial to them in pursuing their career. ‘KIRC Youth Capital’ is a body of the student, for the student and by the student with a motto ‘Rising Youth - Rising Nation’.

KIRC has taken initiative to improve the employability skills thereby reducing the gap between industries & academicians, through its pathway to employment, by providing training to the students for final year and thesis projects as well as providing placement. The idea is to provide exposure to students and give them real opportunities when they begin their professional career. The main motto is to prepare students to face campus interviews by arranging training in aptitude tests, group discussions, preparing for interviews through professional trainers and experts.

KIRC has constituted ‘Anti-Ragging Committee’ nominated and headed by heads of the institution and consisting of representatives of faculty members, junior and senior students and non-teaching staff. The committee helps to monitor, promote and regulate healthy interactions between the new and senior students. All Institutes and Colleges of KIRC will conduct programs in the beginning of the academic session for orientation and introduction of new students along with the faculty members.

KIRC cultural event ‘Aghaaz’ is organized annually at the campus during which various cultural programs are showcased including dance performances, drama, fashion shows and rangoli etc. The objective is to enhance, motivate and develop the co-curricular skills of the students. All students from different institutes and colleges come together and perform as a community at this event which creates a strong bond between various disciplines.

Sports are essential part of student’s growth and potential outside class. At KIRC, we organize ‘Sports week’ during which our students engage in various outdoors sports such as badminton, cricket, volleyball and indoor sports such as chess, table tennis and carom. During this week, inter-collegiate competitions are also organized. KIRC Sports week also helps interaction between students of different departments of the college and also builds a bridge between academics and sports.

Sports are essential part of student’s growth and potential outside class. At KIRC, we organize ‘Sports week’ during which our students engage in various outdoors sports such as badminton, cricket, volleyball and indoor sports such as chess, table tennis and carom. During this week, inter-collegiate competitions are also organized. KIRC Sports week also helps interaction between students of different departments of the college and also builds a bridge between academics and sports.

Alumni are great role models for current students and are often well placed to offer practical support to students as they start their careers. KIRC ‘Alumni Association’ initiative is taken so as to facilitate the communication with the students who have passed out and take their support and help in all – round development of the students.

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