The Functions are celebrated by the college

KALOL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND RESEARCH CENTER organize Navratri celebration on Wednesday


Kalol Institute & Research Center organized International Women’s Day on 8th March 2021 at KIRC Campus. The event is based on the “choose to challenge” theme. All Teaching and Non-Teaching female staff of the KIRC campus celebrated the event. The event has been started with the lamp of lighting and continues with prayer then a motivational speech given by MD, A.K Patel, Mrs. Geetaben Patel, Executive Chairperson, and Mr. Chetan Vora, Executive chairman. Last but not least the event ended with Games and HighTea.

Annual day is one of the important days for our college students and authorities. On 9th February, 2019, 5th annual day - Agazz-2019 was organized at our KIRC campus. Our college had celebrated its success by gathering together. On this annual function, institute had shared student's, teacher's and staff's achievements for the last year. The most important people who had made the function beautiful are the guests we had invited. The guests had made our program charming and interesting for the audience. They were very special to us. We had the prize distribution ceremony for the winners of different categories of sports. We had acknowledged the talent of our position holders, the position holders who have been struggling and facing many challenges and difficulties to be pioneers. In fact, that's all because of their own dedication, consistency and immovability that they were selected as champion. This celebration had included cultural programs like dance, singing, drama, mimicry, fashion show, etc. Students had participated with great enthusiasm in all events. Prof. Kruti Patel from IT Department of KITRC was the main coordinator and she had organized this event of annual function Agazz-2019.
Our institute had enjoyed Days Celebration from 4th February, 2019 to 8th February, 2019. There were a number of days for students and staff ranging from Political Day, Traditional Day, Digital Day, Group Day, MisMatch Day, Debate Competition for staff and students were organized. The main highlight for Days Celebration was FLEA-MARKET on 8th February, 2019 organized by Prof. Bhoomi Shrimali.
Our institute had organized the Sports Week from 1st February, 2019 to 8th February, 2019. We had a great sports week this time. Total 14 different sports disciplines and games such as Cricket, Gully Cricket, Badminton, Table-Tennis, Carrom, Volley-Ball, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho, Chess, 1 Minute Game, Treasure Hunt, TUG of War, 100 Meter Race, etc. represented by the students and faculties of distinct colleges of our campus this time. The most important part was that they had taken the challenge and dared to face such fierce competition. Our sports facilities provide our students the launching pad to hone their talents and make a mark in a variety of sport disciplines. Prof. Sandip Patel from IT Department, Prof. Mitesh Patel from Civil Department and Prof. Bhaumik Patel from IT Department were the Main Sports Co-ordinators and they had organized this Sports Week 2019.

Kalol Institute & Research Centre (KIRC) celebrates Yoga Day on 21st June of every year on the occasion of “International Yoga Day” at KIRC Campus. Head of all the Institutes along with Students and Staff perform yoga.

During this celebration Yoga teacher explain various asanas & kriyas step by step. He also explains when & where one should perform which asanas. During his session, he also explained the advantages of various asanas and kriyas.

Experts tells that “A Healthy mind lives in a Healthy body”, and with the help of Yoga we can easily have a healthy body. Padmasana, Sarvangasana are helpful to increase concentration and focus”.

KIRC Campus Organizes TechFest with the name “DigiTech” in Every Year. The event comprises of technical events like Debugging, Blind Coding, Robotics, Webpage Designing, Logo Design and non-technical events like Advertise making, Spin wheel and LAN Gaming. Various Students also from other colleges participates in DigiTech. We Distributes trophy and certificates to all the winners for all categories of events.

Every year Kalol Institute & Research Centre (KIRC) organizes GARBA Function at KIRC Campus, Kalol. All the students and the staff together celebrated this festival with worshiping goddess “Amba” and then dancing on the melodious tunes of garba. The students, staff of KIRC Campus along with their family members together traditionally dressed, celebrate the occasion by performing the traditional rich Garba of Gujarat.

Sports are essential part of student’s growth and potential outside class. At KIRC, we organize ‘Sports week’ during which our students engage in various outdoors sports such as badminton, cricket, volleyball and indoor sports such as chess, table tennis and carom. During this week, inter-collegiate competitions are also organized. KIRC Sports week also helps interaction between students of different departments of the college and also builds a bridge between academics and sports.

KIRC cultural event ‘Agazz’ is organized annually at the campus during which various cultural programs are showcased including dance performances, drama, fashion shows and rangoli etc. The objective is to enhance, motivate and develop the co-curricular skills of the students. All students from different institutes and colleges come together and perform as a community at this event which creates a strong bond between various disciplines.

KIRC has also initiated an environmentally responsible approach by introducing ‘Rent-a-Bike Program’. This enables ease of travel and movement for our entire community of KIRC including staff, faculties and students. We aim to become a bicycle friendly campus where students could also rent it to reach their housing and hostel areas within campus and also enjoy the amenities outside campus. We encourage our community to experience the joy of biking at the KIRC campus.