Kalol Institutes and Research Center (KIRC) is a conglomeration of diverse institutes and colleges imparting education from formative years to career defining professional degrees. It is one of the renowned and oldest educational campuses established by ‘Umiya Mata Kadva Patidar Education and Samaj Seva Trust’ in 2006, located in Kalol and situated in Gandhinagar district. This serene educational campus was established with an objective to promote and provide professional education in North Gujarat region, particularly in and around Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar area.
Kalol Institute of Technology (KIT) was the flagship institute established in 2006 at KIRC campus. Thereafter, Kalol Institute of Management (KIM) and Kalol Institute of Pharmacy (KIP) were established in the year 2007. Kalol Institute of Architecture and Design (KIAD) and Ananya Institute of Science were launched in the year 2014. Later on, Ananya College of Physiotherapy and Ananya Institute of College and Law were started in 2015. Ananya School of Nursing began in 2016. Additionally, Ananya Vidyalaya which caters to primary and secondary education is also part of the campus. Furthermore, Ananya College of Ayurveda has also been proposed.It is first year of Ananya College of Homeopathy.

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